Ricerche slavistiche 2022

Vol. 5 No. 65
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"Ricerche slavistiche" is the first Italian Slavic journal created after the WWII. It was founded in 1952 by the founder of Slavic philology in Italy, Giovanni Maver. For a long time, it was characterised by the centrality given to the philological study of texts, which corresponded to the formation of this discipline and its articulation during the 20th century. It now proposes itself as a place for in-depth study and scientific debate in a different historical context, where the roots and traditions of Slavic languages and cultures in Europe can be studied in their reciprocal relations and intersections with the non-Slavic cultural traditions of the area - with the cultures of the Germanic area, the Baltic area and the Balkans in their non-Slavic expressions - up to investigating their contemporary results.

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